Solution Overview

Our Node-Based Solution is based on nodes. That means that, rather than relying on nested layers, represents the video editing as a graph of individual building blocks (aka nodes). Each of these nodes represents a certain step in the workflow - like adding additional input, editing an input in a certain way (like trimming or adjusting audio levels), or combining two inputs in a certain way (like cross-fading or stacking on input over the other). By connecting these nodes you build your final video step by step. If you want to add an existing video asset, just add a Video Asset node. If you want to trim that video asset, just add a Trim node and connect the video asset to the trim. If you want to add a lower third that you have as HTML, just add the HTML node and connect the output of the trim to the HTML node. As simple as that these steps can be combined in any order, allowing you to create the effects you want.

What makes even better is the fact that it's a pure cloud-based service. We don't care about the GPU of your computer, it's all happening in the cloud. You can start as many jobs as you want to in parallel, do something else for a few hours or have a good night's sleep - everything will be ready when you return. And with the extensive API yu can even connect your system with ours. So there's no need for any manual effort at all - you can automatically generate the videos you need with a click of a button.

Last, but not least allows you to work with variables. If you have multiple similar editing workflows you just need to define your node tree once and use variables rather than fixed values. automatically filles these variables with values that you predefine. So, if you want to show the address of your indepentent sales reps in the closing of your newest image clip - just add the respective node, upload a spreadsheet with all addresses, lay back and wait for the hundreds (or thousands) of individual videos to finish.

How can help you


You want to reach your clients with individual offerings? Generate videos through our system based on CRM- or webshop data to maximize the return on your marketing campaingns.

Event Organizers

You want to make your event invitation unique and special? Generate videos that individually address your invitees and highlight their personal event benefits to maximize attendence.

Video Agencies

You have lot of repetitive tasks and don't want to waste your valued employees? Define a workflow once - and apply it to all your videos in our online video processing engine.

Software Companies

You have developed a smart algorithm that optimates videos but don't want to spend your time on running the infrastructure? Just use our flexible API and let us take care of all the rest.


Your e-learning audience is diverse and you need to individually address each participant? Just use our solution to individualize your content where needed, while standardizing it where possible.

Something else?

You have your own very special idea on how to make use of our solutions and services? Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know. We're always looking for new ideas!

Our Features

Multitude of available operations

With our solutions your creativity is the only boundary.

Batch processing

Just define the workflow once, and let the system work for you.

Simple Pricing

No complex bills - you just pay for your video output minutes.

Flexible API

With our flexible API you can define your own solution based on ours.