Update on Samples

Thank you for your feedback

We have received an enormous amount of feedback to the first example that we have published. Thanks a lot, every single on of you should have received an individual answer to your message. While each message has been individual, there are two points that all of you can agree upon. The most important one: More of that. We have been working heavily on our next sample: Individual messages for guest of a fictitious hotel. The second point has been that you would like to have all samples in a structured and easily accessible place. To achieve this, we have moved everything to the Knowledge Hub - from our feeling this is where it belongs.

New Sample: Hotel Video

In this sample we develop an individual message for guests of a fictitious hotel - and add in some little extra at the end. All information that's required is the guest's name, their date of arrival and departure, the room they have booked and the purpose of their stay. With this data, part.io automatically generates a message for the guest. A natural-sounding text-to-speech voice greets the guest and leads him or her through some of the highlights of the stay. Prepared video snippets give an impression of both the hotel and the purpose of the guest's visit. In the end the guest is invited to a free bottle of champagne using an individually generated voucher code. Again, we have made the source code for the sample public in a Repl - feel free to reuse what's there.

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Samples now in the Knowledge Hub

The minor point of this blog post is that we have moved the sample to the Knowledge Hub. Here's the place for all knowledge about using part.io, here's where the sample belong. So, besides the information on API, Basic Elements, and Best Practices, there's a new section Samples. We will keep adding new samples here, but you will also find all old ones for further reference.