Tests and Limits

Tests and Limits

We have been thinking a lot how to enhance your user experience with the part.io platform. One thing that has been on our list for quite some time is to give you more control over the usage of your part.io minutes. So far you have been able to limite the output duration - which gives you a perview of the first minute or two of your final video. In many cases this is not enough, so we have added two more options:

The Testmode

In the Output element you can now activate the 'Testmode'. When you do this the final viedo will be of low resolution (SD) and a wartermark will be added. However, the video will not be counted on your actual part.io minutes. So, in essence the video is encoded for free. This allows you to get a preview of the entire video without any costs. You have up 20 test minutes available. We refresh used test minutes at a rate of one minute every two hours. You can see your current minutes on your Account page. Important: The Testmode is also availabe for users who have not (yet) booked one of our plans. So, this is an ideal way to check out the functionalities of part.io without any commitment at all.

The Usage Limit

Once you have booked one of our plans you can define a monthly usage limit on your Account page. We will exceed this usage limit under no circumstances. In other words, this gives you a the option to limit your monthly bill to a certain figure. If one of your jobs exceeds the monthly limit, you will egt an error message in your Jobs listing (Status 'overlimit'). We will not charge any minutes for this job - so if you have five minutes left, but the job is seven minutes long you will get the error message but will have five minutes left after. Obviously, you can change your limit and resubmit the job at any time.