Budget mode and finer grained billing

Budget mode and finer grained billing

We are always striving for impovements - technically as well as business-wise. During the summer months we have been working on a new infrastructure setup, which now allows us to achive results in both fields. We are sure this will enhance your experience with part.io even more. If you want your voice to be heard - feel free to reach out to your dedicated part.io account manager who contacts you on a regular base.

Budget mode

In order to achive a better utilization of our infrastructure we are now introducing the budget mode. Just tick the box in the output element for those jobs that are not time critical. If you don't care whether your job takes minutes or hours - select budget mode. Others might bypass you in the queue, but we will charge one third less minutes for this kind of jobs. So, a three minute budget mode video accounts only for two minutes when it comes to your bill.

Billing by the second

Also, we are now able to bill you by the second. Especially if you are running short jobs, this seems fair to us. We do have a minumum of 30 seconds we bill for each job, but above that, everything is measured by the seconds. Good news is: We have also been able to reduce some of the prices especially for the smaller packages. We still state them per minute for better readability, but billing is by the second now!