Update on Samples

Thank you for your enormous feedback on our first example - As a reaction to this feedback we have (a.) added another example (and will keep adding more) and (b.) moved the Samples to a new section in the Knowledge Hub.

Find out more on how to build web-service based on In this blog post we introduce, a sample web-service based entirely on, hosted and publicly accessible on

Budget mode and finer grained billing

We have restructured our infrastructure and now offer a brand new budget mode. Also, our billing is now finer grained - which is increasing fairness especially for those with small jobs! Read more in this post to get all the details.

Tests and Limits

We are introducing new ways to better control your miuntes usage. Read more in this post to get all the details.

Customer Success Story: audriga

audriga supports hosters and telcos of all sizes with white-label technical documentation. Recently, audriga’s team decided to add video documentation to their portfolio. In order to match the high standards of their so far pdf-based documentation, audriga relies on Our system gives audriga the flexibility to dynamically adjust the content wherever necessary and at the same time enables them to generate videos quickly – while numbers are ranging from a single video to hundreds or even thousands.

Announcing the Knowledge Hub

You have asked for it and we have listened: The Knowledge Hub is online now. Check out the reference to both technical specifications of all elements as well as a large section on best practices.

Customer Success Story: Prince House Gallery

Prince House Gallery is actively pursuing a very online-driven approach. In order to maximize the benefits of this approach, the innovative gallery makes heavy use of video material - almost all of which is generated through the our solution. Read more about the various ways how Prince House Gallery uses in this blog post.

We are online

Welcome to - the online video processing engine for automated batch video processing. After having worked for some of our clients as internal service provider for considerable time now, we have decided to make our solution public as of today. During the following days we will post some technical insights and some client success stories here. Stay tuned for more information to come.