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Image Asset

The Element Image Asset allows you to generate video snippets from a picture. Simply select the file from the list or state the name of the variable ({{variablename}}) to access the asset(s). The supported formats are:

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • ...



The duration of the generated video

Type: Timestamp

Default: 60


The image file from your asset library or the name of the variable

Type: String


Currently the following Operators are supported:
Cover: The image keeps its aspect ratio and fills the given dimension. The image will be clipped to fit
Contain: The image keeps its aspect ratio, but is resized to fit within the given dimension
Fill: The image fills the given dimension. If necessary, the image will be stretched or squished to fit

Type: String

Default: contain

JSON Example

   "id": "someid",
   "type": "ImageAsset",

   "params": {
      "duration": "60",
      "name": "",
      "scale": "contain"